Student ThinkTank

Student ThinkTank

The ICAD 2023 Student ThinkTank will be held on Monday, June 26, 2023 — the day before the main virtual conference begins. The ThinkTank will be a full day meeting for graduate and advanced undergraduate students working on projects in auditory display and sonification. Students who participate in the ThinkTank receive intensive feedback on their works-in-progress from a panel of auditory display experts and ICAD student peers. In addition to providing insights and constructive feedback on individual student projects, the ThinkTank is intended to foster friendships and additional opportunities for on-going formal and informal mentorship of students by the ICAD community.

Ten students have been selected to participate in this year’s Think Tank.

While we look forward to welcoming them to ICAD2023, we are pleased to announce the panellists who will engage with the students and provide feedback on their research work during the Think Tank, which takes place on Monday, June 26th.

Duncan Geere

Duncan Geere is an information designer and data storyteller based in Helsingborg, Sweden. He’s the co-founder of Loud Numbers – a data sonification studio, which turns data into music for clients including the Museum of London, Walmart, and jazz musician Simon Petermann. He’s the co-host of the Loud Numbers podcast, which won an “Honourable Mention” in the Pudding Cup 2021, and is also the creator of the Loud Numbers sonification tools for the VCV Rack virtual modular synthesizer and the Monome Norns music computer. His work has been featured by Ableton Loop, Nightingale, Dataviz Today, Conversations with Data, and

PerMagnus Lindborg

Dr PerMagnus Lindborg is a composer whose research in sound perception and design is anchored in computer music. He explores cross-modal correspondences to enrich the science-art bond by applying empirical results in the design of artwork as well as extracting analytic data from sensory experiences. Significant output includes the ‘Locust Wrath’ series of climate data sonification installations. Associate Professor at the School of Creative Media of Hong Kong’s City University, he holds a PhD from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm 2015). He founded the Soundislands Festival (2013–17) and serves on the board of International Computer Music Association, as Music Coordinator and as Regional Director for Asia-Oceania. He recently co-organised the DACA conference and workshop dedicated to Data Art for Climate Action. 

Sandra Pauletto

Dr Sandra Pauelto is Associate Professor and Docent in Media Technology at the Division of Media Technology and Interaction Design (MID), School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). Her main research interests are sound and music computing, media production, sound design, sonic interaction design and sonification. Her background is in Physics and Music, education which she have combined in my MSc and PhD in Music Technology at the University of York, UK. She recently co-chaired the second international workshop The Audible Universe, a multidisciplinary research group on sonification in astronomical research, and organised the first SoniHed conference dedicated to Sonification of Health and Environmental Data.

Jamie Perera

Jamie Perera uses sound to deconstruct objects in ways that create provoking experiences for listeners. His work explores radical deconstruction, re-imagining and reclamation, whilst challenging the conventions between music, sound and data. He is the first artist to sonify the Holocene with the score “Anthropocene In C Major”, now touring internationally, with excerpt “Oil, Coal & Gas for 3 Cellos” commissioned by the Serpentine’s General Ecology Project. Other notable work includes sonifying Twitter with intersectional voices for the FT’s COP26 Global Gallery, using radio static for an Emmy nominated film about child poverty in the USA, making music from mathematical proofs with mathematician Marcus Du Sautoy, generating a sonic “elephant in the room” to highlight data privacy issues for Mozilla, representing deaths from Coronavirus in the UK in a twenty four day performance, using sound to show differences in conscious state with neuroscientist Anil Seth and creating a soundtrack out of guns for Amnesty International. 

Sara Lenzi, Think Tank chair

Sara Lenzi is a postdoctoral researcher at the Critical Alarms Lab, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft. She holds a Ph.D. in Design from Politecnico di Milano. Trained as a Western classical music performer and electroacoustic composer, she has a background in philosophy and STS studies (Science and Technology in Society). After a decade spent as a sound branding consultant for international brands (among others Ducati Motors, Singapore Changi Airport, BMW Asia, Citibank), she now dedicates full-time to research. Co-founder of the Data Sonification Archive, her main research area is sonification for AI-based anomaly detection in digital-physical networks. She is particularly interested in how sound and sonification can facilitate human-AI communication and support the decision-making process. 

Bruce Walker, Think Tank co-chair

Prof. Bruce Walker is a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, with joint appointments in the School of Psychology and the School of Interactive Computing. His Sonification Lab studies the human-computer interaction (HCI) issues in non-traditional interfaces, ranging from mobile devices to cockpits and displays in vehicles to multimodal interfaces in education and in complex task environments. Research interests include sonification and auditory displays, assistive technology, and driving. Professor Walker teaches HCI, Sensation & Perception, Auditory Interfaces, and Assistive Technology. In addition to academic research leading to over 250 publications, he has worked and consulted on projects for NASA, state and federal governments, the military, and private companies

Important ThinkTank Dates
June 26, 2023: ThinkTank (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CET)


Please contact the ThinkTank chair, Sara Lenzi (, if you have any questions.