Images of Linköping University and Norrköping, Sweden

ICAD 2023 Sonification for the Masses
@Linköping University, Norrköping, Sweden
26th – 30th June 2023*

Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information or represent and
perceptualize data. The last thirty years of sonification research have shown that
auditory perception has benefits as an alternative or complement to visualization
or interaction. Despite this, sonification is not yet widely spread as a useful tool.
Let ICAD2023 demonstrate that sonification can be a commonly used tool,
designed for the masses and everyday life. Let’s demonstrate that sonification can
be accessible and understandable for everyone, for sonification researchers and
for data domain experts, as well as for the common person, regardless of whether
the research interest is in parameter mapping sonification, sound transformation,
musification, or auditory icons.

Niklas Rönnberg
Chair of ICAD 2023


*As with all things in the pandemic dates/locations are subject to change.


12/12/22: ICAD 2023 is excited to host an invited workshop for the Sonic Tilt Competition!

11/8/22: The Call for Submissions of Papers, Extended Abstracts, Workshops/Tutorials, and Music/Installations has been posted.

11/8/22: Details for the Student ThinkTank are up!

Submission Deadlines

Deadlines with links to submission details:

Full Papers (6 to 8 pages) – March 1, 2023
Extended Abstracts (2 to 4 pages) – March 15, 2023
Workshops / Tutorials – March 15, 2023
Installations / Demos – March 15, 2023
Music/Live Performances  – March 15, 2023
Doctoral Consortium / Think Tank – March 15, 2023
Sonic Tilt Competition – May 12, 2023